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Capricorn Zodiac Blend

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You're ambitious and disciplined. You have dreams and you're going to make them happen. You're independent and hardworking, so you embrace the path ahead of you. This made-for-you blend will energize you to accomplish your ambitious goals and keep you from burning out. Woolzies Capricorn Essential Oil Blend is part of the Woolzies Zodiac Collection. It was created to bring out the best traits in a Capricorn, and at the same time, the scents keep you calm and relaxed as you work towards your goal and keeps you from burning out. This essential oil will give you a heightened mood as it rejuvenates you. You will move through your day feeling light as a drifting balloon. You will be full of energy as your adrenaline kicks in causing your focus to be razor-sharp. Capricorn essential oil blend is made of Coriander - for relaxation, Eucalyptus - for easy breathing, Wintergreen - to treat hypertension, Lemongrass - to de-stress, Nutmeg - for an elevated mood, and Geranium - to treat anxiety.
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