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Weighted Eye Pillow Classics - Navy Tonal

Weighted Eye Pillow Classics - Navy Tonal

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Relax and treat yourself with this therapeutic pillow. *Customize your pillow scent: Either filled with rice and + essential oils, or opt for scentless if you'd prefer a plain rice pillow. Lavender eye pillows include organic dried lavender. *This eye pillow can be microwaved and placed on whatever body part needs attention. Personally, I use this whenever I have a cluster headache, or worse - a migraine. I've found it also alleviates tension when my sinuses are tight and plugged. *Also use in your yoga practice during wind downs and shavasana. A great gift for a friend too! Recommended to microwave for 30-45 seconds - or freeze for 1-2 hours for cold therapy.

Pillow case is removable for washing - please handwash as this item is handmade and delicate.

Measures: 8" x 5" Weight: 12 ounces 100% Cotton 


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